30 Kazakh scholarships for Afghanistan

  • Date of Publication : 22/05/2018 at 08:50 GMT

Tastemirova Gulshar G.A  In an interview with the Asia news agency, she said

Scholarships are allocated for technical and humanitarian professions. Of these, 2 are for doctoral studies, 12 for master’s degree and 16 for bachelor’s degree grants.
We are waiting for talented and hardworking students from Afghanistan.

On the basis of the agreement between the two countries, the program ”1000 students should study in Kazakhstan” has come to an end.

This program was launched in 2010. Since that time 140 magistrates from which 136 received a master’s degree in Kazakhstan entered Kazakhstan. Also, those students who were accepted into College have graduated. Unfortunately, students who have received a College diploma in Kazakhstan are now without employment. We think that the government can resolve this issue.

Some of the students will accept in Al-Farabi Kazakh national university
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No matter what time, which country, one of the main goals of mankind is to bring up a conscious, well – educated, spiritually enriched generation. Young people, who have a deep education, a high culture, able to move forward in the flow of time, is the most valuable capital of the state. From this perspective, the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi is the center of Kazakhstan’s education and science, which provides various specialties. Founded in 1934, this university currently teaches 180 specialties.

Most graduates of KazNU work on public services, form the elite of the society and always participate in the development of the country. The latest achievements of our university are assigning a place in the top ten international universities of the regional rating of «QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia» and also it’s one of the 250 best universities in the world.
One of the 16 faculties of the university, the faculty of pre-university education is part of the history of the University. Founded in 1985, the preparatory faculty for foreigners was updated in 2011. Тhis faculty carries a heavy burden teaching representatives of the Kazakh diaspora from near and far abroad, foreign exchange students, listeners of international organizations, embassies and companies. The reason is that listeners from the US, Japan, Afghanistan, South Korea, Mongolia, Spain, Turkey, China, Iran – from around the world are starting to get acquainted with KazNU and with Kazakhstan here. To familiarize foreign students with all the achievements and opportunities of the university, the teaching staff of the faculty work tirelessly.

In addition, the faculty prepares for a unified national testing (CT, UNT). Teachers of the department of pre-university training make every effort to make sure that their listeners have chosen a suitable profession. Often there are cases when graduates change their chosen specialty when there are only one to two months before the testing. To avoid such situations, the teachers of the department are trying to give their listeners in-depth information about future professions from the beginning of the academic year. Choosing a profession is an important step for everyone. Every year the number of professions in the world increases, when there are already 50 thousand. Such as a lawyer, an economist, have acquired a high status among specialties, but recently interest in finance, logistics, marketing and journalism is also high. Knowing that in Mathematics and Physics are many grants, some students choose this subject, even if they do not understand the tasks. Or, thinking “Journalists are on TV, before the public, their life is fashionable,” they choose journalism, who can’t even compose a quatrain or write a normal composition.

In this regard, our teachers of the department in the first months of the academic year provide professional guidance within the framework of projects like “Ainalandı nurlandır” (“Bright your surrounds”), “100 books that every student of “KazNU should read”, “Greenkampus” and so on. The audience will be familiar with the faculties, various laboratories and museums, as well as specialists in their field of knowledge. After such trips and meetings, the majority of candidates are certified in their choice, while others change. Graduates of the faculty always remember and thank the teachers who helped in choosing the future profession. And we would like young people to choose a profession that corresponds to their abilities, tendencies, interests and find their place in life.