NDS Member ‘Shot’ By Herat Official’s Guard ‎

  • Date of Publication : 20/05/2016 at 08:48 GMT

A National Directorate of Security (NDS) operative was allegedly shot by the Herat Provincial Council Chairman’s guard during an altercation at a check post.

The incident reportedly took place three days ago and landed the security force member, Ramin Parsa, in hospital.

The NDS member’s relatives said that Parsa was on duty when he was assaulted by the guard. They said that the guard also took Parsa’s firearm.

“We have sent our son to security forces’ ranks to serve his people and he was wounded on duty. We urge the government to ensure justice and we only want justice to be done,” said Mohammad Rahim Nekmanesh, Parsa’s uncle.

Herat governor, Mohammad Asef Rahimi, said that a special commission assigned by the president is assessing the incident and that serious action will be taken against the culprit.

“It is very bad and it should not have happened. Anyway attack on security forces is not acceptable. However, a commission assigned by the presidential palace is assessing the incident and once light is shed on the incident results will come out,” said Rahimi.
The chairman of the Herat provincial council would not comment in this regard.

But Torialai Tahiri, the deputy chairman of the council, while reportedly quoting the chairman said that a guard was responsible for the incident and the chairman of the council is ready to cooperate in bringing the culprit to justice.

“We reject the claim that the chairman of Herat provincial council attacked the soldier. The incident took place as a result of fighting between a guard of the chairman of Herat provincial council and an operative of the NDS and we are ready to cooperate with the [assigned] commission in this regard,” said Tahiri.

A number of residents said the incident had been brutal and that if a representative of the people treat security forces like, then they are no different from terrorists.

“A soldier who is standing at the roadside, he is ordered by the president to stand there and strong men should follow the laws and should also follow the orders that the soldiers are giving them,” said Abdul Karim Rahimi, a resident of Herat province.

Doctors at Herat military hospital said the security force member had undergone surgery but that he was in a stable condition.