Karzai Slams Govt, Threatens To Oust U.S From Afghanistan

  • Date of Publication : 15/04/2017 at 18:26 GMT

An angry former president, Hamid Karzai, on Saturday lashed out at government and the U.S over Thursday night’s bombing of Achin district in Nangarhar.

Karzai said he did not recognize the government, and has decided to work to get rid of America in Afghanistan.
“Yesterday it was the third time that I decided to free Afghanistan (first time from Russia, second time from Pakistan and now) from America’s incursion, operation and violation.”
Comparing Thursday’s bomb to a nuclear weapon, Karzai asked “why did you drop an atom bomb in our country?”

He criticized government for “allowing the U.S to drop such a big non-nuclear bomb. If government approved it, the act is treason.”

He said the bombing was an insult to Afghanistan and that the U.S was just using Daesh as an excuse.

According to him Thursday’s bombing had been pre-planned and it had been to test a weapon of mass destruction.

Karzai also said it was a violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty and a violation of the environment.

He implied that villagers in the region had over time been evacuated from the area.
He said that it was now apparent that locals had been moved ahead of the planned bombing and questioned why the U.S had waited two years to take action against Daesh.

It was around mid-2015 that the group first emerged in the eastern province.
“As a citizen of this country I have decided to stop America. Whether someone wants to stand beside me or not I have decided to stop America’s oppression. It was an insult to our sovereignty.
“We must ask about whether the U.S came here to fight terrorism but instead terrorism is increasing every day in the presence of the United States,” he said.
He said that government announced on Friday it had been aware of the bombing and that he, as a citizen of the country, does “not recognized this government as my representative and as representative of my goals, wishes and of my national sovereignty.”
“I have decided to oust American from this soil,” he stated.

Karzai’s remarks come just two days after the U.S on Thursday night fired off a Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), commonly known as the Mother of All Bombs, against a Daesh tunnel complex in the remote area of Nangarhar.

The move was met with mixed reactions but the national unity government has confirmed it was aware of the plan ahead of the bombing.
Meanwhile, a number of MPs in the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) criticized Karzai’s stance against the U.S’s action in Nangarhar.
“The people have many problems. Such stances are against the national interests of the country,” Ghulam Husain Naseri, an MP, said at the Wolesi Jirga session on Saturday.
“I saw Mr. Karzai riding a bicycle in his yard with his son. Don’t the people love their sons, who serve in the national army and whose bodies remain for days in freezers? I urge the allies especially the United States to use this bomb on every enemy of Afghanistan,” said Fathullah Qaisari, another MP.
Former jihadi leader Mohammad Ismail meanwhile said the bombing highlights the fact that there could be tougher wars in the future.
“This is the beginning of the worst wars; we will see tougher wars in the future. However, people should wake up and realize that there will be no mercy on our nation ever,” he told reporters on Saturday.